Cadden & Fuller LLP


Business and Real Estate Law Firm in Irvine, California
Cadden & Fuller LLP
114 Pacifica
Suite 450
Irvine, California 92618

Phone (949) 416-0245


Cadden & Fuller LLP Overview

Cadden & Fuller LLP is located in Irvine and offers a variety of legal services for clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Practice areas include business litigation and corporate law, real estate transactions and litigation, landlord-tenant and commercial lease disputes, investment/securities litigation, employment law defense, intellectual property disputes, Proposition 65 litigation, and insurance disputes.

Thomas H. Cadden and H. Daniel Fuller have several decades of combined experience, and the firm’s legal team includes lawyers with extensive backgrounds in finance and accounting. The attorneys take the time to fully analyze the facts of a case, understand clients’ needs, and present a cohesive plan. They then work with a concentration on efficiency and strategy, always with the best resolutions in mind.

With a client-centered approach, Cadden & Fuller focuses on providing high-quality, cost-effective legal solutions, whether it’s a straightforward matter or a complex, high-profile case.

Cadden & Fuller LLP Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Breach of Lease Disputes; Purchase and Sale Litigation; Zoning and Easement Disputes; Americans With Disabilities Act; Boundary Disputes; Broker Litigation; Commercial Lease Disputes; Disputes involving Commercial Mortgages, including Repossessions; Encroachment; Failure to Disclose; Foreclosures and Evictions; Title Insurance Coverage Disputes; Breach Of Contract; Breach Of Fiduciary Duty; Creditor Remedies; Fraud; Directors and Officers’ Litigation; Unfair Business Practices; Investment/Securities Litigation; Unfair Competition; Partnership and Shareholder Disputes; Landlord/Tenant & Commercial Lease Disputes; Proposition 65 Litigation; Insurance Disputes; Employment Defense Litigation; Transactional Law.



Mr. Thomas H. Cadden
Banking and Finance, Business Litigation, Employment, Litigation, Real Estate
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