Gomez & Simone Law


Real Estate, Business Law, Estate Planning, Divorce & Civil Litigation Law Firm in California
Gomez & Simone Law
3055 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 550
Los Angeles, California 90010

Phone (855) 219-3333

Website https://gomezsimonelaw.com

Gomez & Simone Law Overview

“Our mission at Gomez & Simone is to help our communities build wealth and create opportunities. We believe we can do this best by protecting our clients’ Real Estate legal interests which will help build strong long lasting communities. We are – a Modern Law Firm.” – Mark A. Gomez, Founding Partner Attorney.

Our California Real Estate Attorneys are dedicated to providing quality modern legal representation. We are a Real Estate focused law firm serving Southern California and have been successful in handling thousands of cases and recovering millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

We serve a variety of individuals including those who are hiring an Attorney for the first time to sophisticated investors and business owners. Whether it is Litigation, Trials, Appeals, Foreclosure Defense, Breach of Contract, Real Estate Transactions, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Quiet Title, Evictions, Divorce, Probate, Probate Contests, Estate Planning and Wills & Trusts Gomez & Simone is there for you. High quality representation at an affordable rate.

Gomez & Simone Law Areas of Law

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