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Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie
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Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie Overview

Our track record demonstrates impressive results, but our reputation has also been built on the level of compassion we show our clients and how we fiercely advocate and fight for them. Insurance adjusters are relieved when they learn our firm is representing a claimant, since they have come to trust the case will be handled in the most efficient, reliable manner. We also have an excellent reputation when working with defense counsel, mediators and judges.

We obtain your police reports, interview witnesses and take all steps to preserve critical accident scene evidence. We reconstruct your accident with reconstruction experts to prove the other parties negligence or fault. We manage important time limitations to be able to file your claim especially if a governmental entity is involved, as it could be as soon as 180 days. If these critical time limits are missed it may result in a waiver of your rights to collect any money for your medical bills, loss of earnings, and/or pain and suffering damages. We gather all relevant evidence to prove your injury claim and maximize your settlement.

We collaborate with medical providers who know about your injury to help you overcome and treat your injury. Even if you don’t have medical insurance you can obtain your treatment on a lien basis, so you won’t pay the doctor until the conclusion of your case. We negotiate, after your case settles, all reimbursable expenses including health and medical insurance payments, automobile coverages and other reimbursable expenses to allow you to keep your settlement funds in your pocket.

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