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Demas Law Group, P.C. Overview

At Demas Law Group, we know that our clients are under enough stress trying to cope with their physical and emotional recovery after a serious injury. You don’t need the added uncertainty and frustration of wondering what’s going on with your personal injury claim and whether your lawyer is going to call you back.

Experienced Sacramento Injury Lawyer: Demas Law Group

Our Sacramento personal injury law firm combines skilled and strategic legal representation with stellar customer service. In fact, with 25 years of experience working with accident victims, our attorneys’ strong commitment to client satisfaction has made us one of Sacramento’s leading personal injury firms. We also offer our legal expertise to residents in Freeport, Rosemont, Riverview, Meadowview, Florin, Roseville, Yuba City, Davis, Woodland, Elk Grove, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Stockton, and Modesto.

Year this Office was Established: 2012

Languages: English

Demas Law Group, P.C. Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Jet Ski Accidents; Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident; Defective Road Signs Accidents; Hazardous Roads Accidents; Distracted Driving Accidents; Drunk Driving Accidents; Government Vehicle Accident; Hit & Run Accident; Intersection Accident; Teen Driver Accidents; Rideshare Accident; Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists; Child Injury; School Injuries; Dog Bites; Elder Abuse & Neglect; Farm Accidents; Swimming Pool Accident; Auto Defects; Defective Air Bags; GM Ignition Recall; Train Accidents; Jackknife Accident; Rear-End Accidents; T-Bone Accident; Underride Accident; Amusement Park Accidents; Negligent Security; Defective Medical Device; Burn Injury; Electric Scooter Accidents; Catastrophic Injuries; Neck & Back Injuries; Brain Injuries; Spinal Cord Injuries; Defective Drugs; Public Transportation Accident; California Wildfires; Insurance Bad Faith; Construction Accidents; E-Cigarette Explosion Injuries; Industrial Accidents.

Demas Law Group, P.C. Areas of Law Description

Demas Law Group provides legal representation in the following areas of practice:

– Personal Injury

* Accident Injury

While unfortunate circumstances create some accidents, others are caused by the negligent or reckless behavior of careless individuals. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another, you must take immediate steps to protect and enforce your legal rights.

* Catastrophic Injury

When people suffer catastrophic injuries, they may face almost innumerable serious and dangerous challenges in their lives. They may have to undergo multiple surgical procedures, cope with extended hospital stays and survive significant losses of income if they cannot return to work for lengthy periods of time.

* Child Injury

As many people know, injured children do not have the right to file California personal injury lawsuits by themselves. They need parents to handle such situations for them – adults who can hire experienced Sacramento child injury lawyers. Only experienced attorneys have the depth of legal knowledge required to help distraught parents obtain the various types of help their recently injured child will need.

* Dog Bites

Victims of dog bites often suffer more than just the physical harm caused by the dog. Emotional damage is also a factor when dogs attack, and the compensation you get should reflect this. The right attorney can help you get the money you deserve on top of any medical bills or time off work. There are exceptions to the owner’s liability.

* Traumatic Brain Injuries

The effects of a blow to the head can be shattering. Your whole life can change in an instant. No matter what the cause, an accident can leave you and your family having to deal with serious medical and legal issues. You need a tough personal injury lawyer to pursue all avenues of the law to get you the compensation you deserve.

* Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries involving the spine can be incredibly debilitating. These types of injuries might force you to quit working, stop playing the sports you enjoy, and if severe enough might actually confine you to a wheelchair for the rest of your life. It is no surprise that an accident leading to a spinal injury might eventually wind up in litigation because the medical bills alone can grow exponentially.

* Wrongful Death

When someone is killed because of the actions of someone else, there are few if any real positives that can result. However, there is an avenue for justice for families who have endured this tremendous loss, as all of the costs and losses described above can be recaptured if the family that’s left behind files a successful California wrongful death lawsuit.

– Vehicle Accidents

* Car Accidents

Given our state’s freeway system, Californians find themselves in cars quite a bit. Plenty of Californians work within a city yet live in a suburb that’s half an hour to an hour or more away; it’s no wonder that car accidents can occur with regularity. Traffic, gridlock, drivers on cell phones—there’s just no escaping it, and every now and then, accidents resulting in serious injury occur.

* DWI/DUI Accident

Drunk (or drugged) driving, also known as “Driving while intoxicated” or “Driving under the influence” is a serious problem with serious consequences. At Demas Law Group, we have substantial experience as California DUI lawyers, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve for injuries resulting from an accident that involved alcohol or drug use.

* Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorists

“Uninsured motorist” means that the person responsible for your injuries is operating a vehicle without any insurance coverage whatsoever. If you have purchased uninsured motorist coverage, you will be able to collect from your insurance company to recoup your damages (both property and personal).

* Motorcycle Accidents

Since motorcycles generally do not provide a comparable level of protection from collisions as a car or truck does, many cases brought to court for motorcycle accidents may involve a need for extensive medical care. People injured on a motorcycle may face injuries that will remain with them for an extended period of time – if not for the rest of their lives – and we recognize that your compensation should include claims for continued care, loss of wages, and other types of damages.

* Pedestrian Accidents

Motor vehicle operators have a responsibility to adhere to the laws of the road and drive in a safe and observant manner at all times. Pedestrians are injured and killed every day due to a driver’s negligence. Pedestrians who are hit by motor vehicles may have a claim against the driver but they must prove that the driver was negligent and his negligence caused the accident.

* Bus Accidents

More and more people are using buses to not only move around town but also to take trips with groups of others in order to save money on fuel and airfare and to avoid the responsibilities that come with driving. Unfortunately, this does not mean that bus accidents do not occur, as they do, and when these situations arise, they often lead to disaster.

* Bicycle Accidents

Over the past 10 years, bicycling has become extremely popular in the United States. It is a convenient and inexpensive method of travel, especially in large cities where traffic is congested and parking spaces are difficult to find. High tech materials and fabrication have now made bicycle riding virtually effortless and many families enjoy exploring the countryside on bicycles.

* Truck Accidents

The California truck accident attorneys at Demas Law Group possess long-term expertise with truck accidents of all types. With congested roads and freeways, such accidents can be relatively common. Injuries may result from accidents involving smaller trucks, such as delivery vehicles or contractor trucks; however, the trucks that probably cause the most concern for drivers of smaller cars are the huge semi-trucks that pepper the highways.

* Boating Accidents

California, with close to one million registered recreational vessels, has the second-highest water sports accident rate in the United States. Boating, jet skiing, water skiing, and other water sports are popular activities in our Golden State. These activities, while entertaining and exciting, pose unique dangers of personal injury and wrongful death and complex legal and safety issues could be involved.

* Train Accidents

Trains and railroads remain constant in the United States even as our society continues to modernize seemingly every day. While most of us merely hear trains and dismiss them, train traffic remains enormously high, as this mode of transportation moves cargo and passengers 24 hours per day.

– Product Liability

If you’ve experienced a problem with a defective or dangerous product, you may have a product liability case on your hands. Some dangerous products have been part of large suits due to widespread problems, or have been subject to recall. Sometimes, it seems like there’s a dangerous product lurking in the most innocent of places; contaminated food, flammable children’s clothing, lead-painted toys, and more.

– Medical Malpractice

When someone is harmed because of negligent medical care, that person could face additional illnesses, pain, and suffering, additional surgeries or even death. In addition, the process of holding medical professionals accountable for the harm they have inflicted can be difficult given the technical and professional atmosphere in which this conduct took place.

– Nursing Home Abuse

The statistics on nursing home and elderly abuse are grim. Conservative estimates state that one of three homes in America will be affected in some way by abuse of an elder relative while in a nursing home. With the elderly population growing rapidly, nursing home residents nationwide number over 1.6 million.



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