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Sideman & Bancroft LLP
One Embarcadero Center
Twenty-Second Floor
San Francisco, California 94111

Phone (415) 392-1960


Sideman & Bancroft LLP Overview

The largest companies in the world, and the wealthiest families in America, value and respect the service, creativity, and commitment of the attorneys of Sideman & Bancroft. We bring the same dedication to all of our clients—those who have already arrived and those who are on their way or just getting started. Our clients know that when it comes to growing their businesses, litigating their interests, protecting their assets and planning for the future, it is crucial to engage professionals who understand who you are, what you want, and where you want to go—in business and in life.

The firm opened in San Francisco over 40 years ago, and has grown to over 40 attorneys across ten niche practice groups. Our firm’s reputation as a premier boutique in the United States is well deserved. In 2020, in response to the growing needs of our American clients for local European counsel, and of the needs of our European clients for support in their activities in the United States by professionals sensitive to their cultural and legal approach, Sideman & Bancroft Europe was launched, focused on global intellectual property matters.

This new step embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and boldness that define the teams of Sideman & Bancroft and the firm’s desire to always align our services to our clients’ needs. Sideman & Bancroft offers the services of attorneys who are highly skilled and experienced in serving in a neutral capacity in appropriate matters. These attorneys may be retained to serve as mediators, arbitrators, temporary judges, and neutral evaluators, to resolve disputes of litigating parties.

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